Who We Are

A Smart RN (Registered Nurse) is your personal medical detective, coach, guide and cheerleader through improving and protecting your health and well-being. We can fight for you in a broken system. Empowering you to become a full partner in your own care and future.

Smart RNs are independent RN Patient Advocates–highly-trained registered nurses who work only for you and your loved ones.  An iRNPA is trained in personalized medicine–investigating your lifestyle, diet, previous and current medical care, diagnoses–and finding the most effective treatments available.  Including designing a personalized lifestyle plan specifically for you.

We stand by you, educating, advocating, coaching, coordinating care, communicating and negotiating, so you can take control of your health and future.

Smart RN specializes in nutritional healing, refining and researching diagnoses (30-40% of all medical diagnoses in the US are wrong!), investigating scam treatments and finding better alternatives.

We advocate, and offer levels of support, for elders when you are far away. We can check on them in the hospital, nursing home, or home with caregivers, and also evaluate their medications and communicate with doctors, to improve their quality of care.

Your Smart RN is experienced in conventional Western medicine, and also trained in integrative (the evolution of holistic medicine) and functional medicine (the science of why—why are you sick? We need to address root causes to return to health & wholeness) and nutrition so you get the full breadth of medical knowledge and research available. We strive to protect you in a system so broken that medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in America. 

Why hire a Smart RN?

What makes Your Smart RN different than a lay-person patient advocate, coach or navigator?

  • Nurses are the most trusted profession in America
  • Smart RNs are experienced Registered Nurses
    • All nurses are not equally qualified
      • LVNs are a 9 month certificate program
      • RNs can be educated 2 years, 4 years (BSN), or 6 years (MSN)
  • iRNPA certification is through a major university nursing program
  • iRNPAs have in-depth training across all evidence-based medical approaches
  • iRNPAs are trained in evaluating and interpreting medical studies and lab results
  • iRNPAs are professional educators and advocates, as well as skilled nurses
  • iRNPAs know how to communicate with doctors and hospitals, building teamwork
  • You do not have to be in the LA area to use most of our services!

Smart RNs are NOT lawyers or legal advocates, we don’t help you sue doctors or hospitals.

Who Needs a Smart RN?

    •   Individuals with a serious diagnosis and are overwhelmed or confused

    • Cancer
    • Parkinson’s
    • Alzheimer’s
    • Dementia
    • ALS and paralysis from injury, quadriplegia
  • People with chronic illnesses that desperately need new answers
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Heart disease
    • COPD and other respiratory diseases
    • Liver disease, including cirrhosis
    • Kidney disease
    • SIBO, GERD, IBS, IBD, ulcers, colitis
    • Arthritis
  • Patients and families feeling disempowered and frustrated by the system
    • Anyone requiring the discovery and vetting of new practitioners or services—including the debunking or confirmation of internet-based products
    • Families facing end of life decisions, including advance directives and living wills
    • Those who have not yet become seriously ill, but are at high risk, like people with genetic predispositions, pre-diabetes, or obesity
    • Anyone seeking to age well—feel younger, longer. Weight-loss, anti-aging and wellness
  • Adult children with parents/ elders in the LA area
    • Wellness checks–drop-in checks on care whether at home or in facilities
    • Medication, diagnosis, labs and symptom review
    • Accompany to medical appointments or make hospital visits
    • If you can’t be there for your elder family member, we can have a nurse advocate there


Our services are highly customizable and the initial consult is free.
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