About Us

Pamela Lane RN, MSN, iRNPA

RN Patient Advocate/ Founder

I am an experienced Registered Nurse (RN) with a Master’s of Science in Nursing degree (MSN) and a specialty certification as an RN Patient Advocate (iRNPA). That means I am specifically trained in functional medicine (the medicine of “why”) and integrative medicine (the evolution of holistic medicine) as well as conventional western medicine and the skills required to advocate in medical and healthcare settings. As an MSN and RN I have a strong background in medical science and research, which aids me in the medical detective work required and also negotiation, collaboration, education and case management.  In addition, I am a professional writer with a master’s degree in nonfiction (MFA) so I am an excellent communicator.

Previously I was a nurse at Cedars Sinai, in the Saperstein Critical Care Tower.  I loved patient care, but I could see the disconnect between the human beings in my care and the system of care. Even the best nurses on the floor don’t have enough time to educate every patient and support you through the complex decision-making required to elevate you to be a real member of your own care team–to know all of your options, to understand, and to advocate for yourself. And there are many, many more of us who are elsewhere in the medical care continuum—at home, in rehab or long-term care, and stuck in the revolving door of all of the above at various times.

I believe we each have the right to the BEST LIFE possible.  And so I created Your Smart RN.

What We Do

Personalized lifestyle medicine
Your Smart RN provides our clients with a range of services including, custom nutrition and lifestyle-based programs for chronic illness, pain and weight-loss; detailed medical, genetic & family history analysis, medication & supplement review, medical records/ labs/ diagnoses review (30%–40% of all medical diagnosis are wrong). And alternative treatment options–exhaustive research from the best peer-reviewed journals and other trusted sources as to the efficacy (how effective is it?), side effects and possible problems of your treatment options.

I am also a cannabis nurse, and can assist you and your doctor navigate the effective use of this new and valuable treatment resource.

We support you communicating with your doctor and finding new doctors and other practitioners. Support you during and after hospitalization or treatment. And we can follow and support your senior loved ones living far away—so you know they are safe and well-cared for wherever they are.

We believe that our natural state is balance—our bodies struggle to maintain and regain health—they often need help. Healing is often hindered by the very things we think are helping us.

Balance extends to end of life. I have also spent much time, as both a volunteer and a hospice nurse, guiding individuals and families though the process of completing the circle, of dying. I am a knowledgeable and loving Sherpa through the end of life.

Our goal is make each client-partner their own best advocate–to encourage everyone to be a proactive part of their own healthcare team with as much or a little support from us as you require along the way.  We never prescribe or tell you what to do; we educate you and empower you to make your own choices.


What We Don’t Do

We do not render legal advice or opinions, nor do we get involved in litigation.  There is a specific type of legal nurse advocate for that.

We do not prescribe.  We are not doctors.

We never tell you what to do, we research and educate you as to your options, so you can make good decisions for yourself.

We do not provide direct care. We are not home care nurses, nor do we interfere with hospital or medical care, even when we are present as your advocates.


How to Use YourSmartRN.com

We believe that a high tide raises all boats—that we are in this together.  We seek to build a community here at YourSmartRN.com. Whatever your level of need—whether preventing disease and enhancing wellness, struggling through an accident or illness to regain health, are frustrated by chronic disease, or moving towards a peaceful transition from this world, we believe you will find something here to help.

We offer updating news feeds, a growing page of resources and videos, and Pamela’s blog, Get Smarter where she seeks to address current issues in health and wellness and answer your questions and Sample Reports.  This site offers educational materials, but not medical advice–please check with your primary care practitioner before stopping medications or adding to or changing your medical protocols.

The information on this site is all free and we hope you will become a subscriber, bookmark the site, and keep coming back as the content changes frequently.

NEED MORE?  Let’s talk.  The services of a caring professional nurse advocate may be precisely what you and your loved ones require to get the level of compassionate, high-quality, respectful care that you deserve. And the initial question, or brief consult, is free. Contact Us today!