Endorsements for Your Smart RN

Metastatic Breast Cancer: The Gift of Time

Pamela Lane has helped me turn around the course of my metastatic breast cancer in a sensitive and targeted way that I am sure no one else could have. 

Pamela is both a scientist and a healer. This is a rare combination!

She has not only trained and studied holistic medicine (as well as conventional Western medicine) for many years, but she knows how to apply her knowledge to individual cases. 

That sensitivity and targeted approach was the key to my feeling well again.

Other practitioners suggested some of the same nutrients that Pamela has, but in those cases, I almost always experienced just the negative side effects and not the benefits. Somehow, with Pamela’s approach, my body benefits from targeted nutrition and a few specially chosen and timed supplements, without throwing off my body’s sensitive balance. I have been reaping tremendous benefits without suffering side effects!  I’ve gained weight and strength and time to spend with family and friends.

Every day, I am grateful to Pamela for how much she has helped me. 

Plus, she is a spectacularly nice and fun person to be around!

–Carrie Tormé


SIBO & IBS Solutions With a Side of Weight Loss!

I went to Pamela because of serious years-long digestive problems which were getting worse even with dietary and pharmaceutical treatment from specialist doctors (including gastroenterologists and allergists).  I had been diagnosed with SIBO and probably have some level of IBS as well.

She developed a protocol for me so we could determine what foods were causing these problems.  Not only did following the protocol solve those issues, but I lost 30 pounds, and substantially dropped my high cholesterol and high blood pressure — my doctor was able to cut way back on the pharmaceuticals I was taking for those heart-related problems!

Now, after almost a year, I have maintained the good habits I learned from Pamela (I don’t miss any of the “bad” foods because I feel so much better!), my weight loss and my improved cholesterol and blood pressure.  If I ever run into problems again, I will definitely consult with Pamela since she clearly has a more holistic approach that worked so well for me!

–Helen S.


Supporting the Power of Attorney

My name is Chris Penny.  I had medical and financial power of attorney for my friend who was severely injured in an accident.  Pamela was his Patient Advocate, and her assistance was invaluable to both of us.

Pamela is a fighter, and will not let up when trying to get the best care for her clients. She would interface with the doctors and therapists, presenting her research and requests for improving his care. She kept the family, who lived far away, and I informed of his progress, changes and challenges. She fought to get his care directives carried out.  And I do mean “fight.”  Health care facilities are notoriously bureaucratic and slow to move. Pamela would keep calling and keep visiting until the staff did what he needed to improve.

Pamela uses an integrative approach.  She feels that nutrition is a big part of healing. Many times my friend would have trouble with his health and Pamela would find out that the facility was not following the diet she had prescribed. It took a lot to get the staff to follow the diet but Pamela never let up. 

As a business professional and CEO who took on this role to help a friend, I can say that trusting Pamela to manage the complicated medical aspects of care takes a burden off family, makes a huge difference to the person’s recovery, and made my job easier and made me a more competent Power of Attorney. 

I would recommend Pamela to anyone.

Yours truly – Christopher Penny



Home From the Hospital

In April I had a lumbar fusion spine surgery. The hospital released me in a terrible state. I had a severe headache, a dangerously high heart rate (Tachycardia), I hadn’t had a bowel movement in five days, and consequently a high level of anxiety. I truly feared for my life.  

Two home health nurses saw me, including an RN supervisor, and could not figure out what to do. I contacted Pamela and she quickly came to my rescue. With beautiful confident and loving manner she was able to handle all that the hospital staff and visiting nurses couldn’t—and she did it within two hours.  

Her professionalism and knowledge of care is hands down superior to anyone I have ever met and she did it all with the compassion of a loving sister and advocate.  

I have her on speed dial now (well, text) and continue to seek her vast knowledge for every part of my health and wellness and cannot find words to express my gratitude for her in my life.  Her care is unmatched and unparalleled.

Everyone needs an angel like Pamela Lane in their corner.

–Kima Hall


When a Loved-One is Far Away

Pamela Lane has been advocating for our son. She has been a godsend for us, especially since we live in Florida and my son is in LA.

My son was very badly injured at the beach and broke his neck. He is a quadraplegic on a ventilator.

Pamela not only has kept us informed but her understanding and knowledge of care for his injuries is always up to date. She brought to the doctor’s attention new ways of wound care and blood studies and treatments that the doctors had not thought of to fight the infections and to shed light on some of the reasons  causing the wounds to reappear.

Pamela put forward a specialized diet to help rebuild his blood to help fight the infections.

She helped us to navigate the insurance industry.

She even visited various longterm living facilities and made recommendations of the good facilities and was key in choosing which ones we should avoid. She oversaw everything from communicating with the owners of the congregate living facility,  to the steps of his recovery, future stem cell trials, physical therapy, and custom built wheelchairs.

She kept us informed as to what tests, treatments, diets and the state of mind Donnie was in.

When I was once visiting my son on a Sunday and Pamela heard, we were in town , she showed up out of  the blue to bring us up to date.

Pamela also came and helped my son with his living will.  She was vital in this as he was having a difficult time with this.  She reassured him throughout the entire process and guided him through to make him feel better.

Pamela is truly an amazing and caring Patient Advocate with the patient’s best interest always first on her list.  She is very professional and invaluable to us and our son. We would be lost without her.

We highly recommend Pamela Lane RN MSN and I am including my home phone number if anyone would be interested in learning more about how she has helped us.

Donald N Fessman.  Stuart, Florida. (phone on request)


Elder Care: You Don’t Have to be Sick

Pamela cuts through medical jargon, and gets to the heart of your diagnoses, medication, personal health issues, and appropriate diet with the most current research. She is a warm and caring medical team member. I have been diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, senile memory loss, arteriosclerosis and depression.

Although I’m 72 years old, Ms. Lane has advised me so that I have been able to lose 30 lbs, reduce medication from 10 pills morning and evening to 4, pursue a healthy diet and considering these diagnoses, has educated me about options for treatment from alternative medical practices as well as my regular medical care providers. What has kept me returning to her for help has been the depth of her medical and health understanding, her breadth of background experience and information and her charming sense of humor. 

I recommend Pamela Lane without hesitation for those lost or wandering in the current medical milieu, which makes seniors believe that being sick is a part of aging–it doesn’t have to be.

–Lloyd MacAnally



Navigating a Loved-One’s Illnesses

When my mother had a lung transplant two years ago, she was in ICU with numerous complications. Pamela not only contacted me, but came to the ICU ward to spend time with my mother to make sure she was getting adequate care. She was comforting, compassionate and professional. She kept in continuous contact with me throughout the hospital stay and even after mom was discharged.

When my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few months ago, Pamela was one of the first people I contacted. She sent me the research I needed to learn about the disease, and she gave me names and contacts of the top professionals in cancer care.

Not only is Pamela a dedicated healthcare professional, but she devotes a majority of her personal time to helping others. She stays up to date and across the latest medical studies and findings and is always meticulous in her work.

I am grateful for Pamela for her help, and recommend her without hesitation.

–Carrie Brown



Weight Loss and Autoimmune

“In my opinion, having Pamela involved in your healthcare is the best thing you could do for yourself. She’s very wise, educated, and a great communicator. She didn’t make me feel like she was judging me for my bad health habits. Instead she made me feel like she empathized, and I wasn’t in this alone. She is exactly the kind of informed advocate we all need as we face the confusing world of medical treatment. Thank you Pamela!!!!”  –Vikki K.



And more…

Pamela is an amazing person – the uncommon mix of genius, empathy and no patience for bullshit.
She’s seen it all and she will move heaven and earth to get you the best care & comfort and increase your odds for success when it really matters.
Pamela is the sort of person you bring in to “save the day”, but if you don’t want to end up in a bad situation, you bring her in from the start.

–Aliyah Silverstein

“Not only is Pamela thoughtful and caring, her clinical knowledge and commitment to wellness is unsurpassed in her field.  Her knowledge, research skills, and ability to clearly communicate often complex information in a concise and comprehensible way helped us to take control of our situations and choose optimal treatment plans. She is a powerful healthcare ally and advocate whom I can highly recommend.”  

–Joe Daquino

Pamela is one of the most intelligent, compassionate people I know. We met when we were studying at the University of Arizona. Not only is she brilliant, but a tenacious patient advocate. She is also a fierce volunteer Nurse Educator at a homeless shelter in Santa Monica.
Pamela will definitely leave no stone unturned when it comes to being an advocate. I highly recommend Pamela as she has already helped so many!

–Barbara Wogh RN BSN iRNPA BCPA