Nutrition and Fasting


The future of health and wellness is in PERSONALIZED MEDICINE. We are not one size fits all—we are each unique and what works for one of us does not work for all of us. As patient advocates,  we caution you to be wary of all these websites and Google search results that offer you one size fits all cures.

You are what you eat: is a cliché because it is true. Nutrition is key factor on lifestyle medicine. But, aside from the always-true mantra EAT REAL FOOD, avoid foods that come in a box, a bag, a can, or drive-thru window—how do you know what works for YOU?



While there are many tests for food sensitivities, the gold standard is the elimination diet. It is simple and free.

And I can coach you on how to do it effectively.

You will learn what foods are causing you issues from pain, itching, ringing in your ears, and brain fog, to fatigue, insomnia, heartburn and autoimmune flairs. What foods are keeping you from losing weight? What foods are causing cravings?



There are a lot of viewpoints on this, probably as many as there are health experts selling stuff, but after a lot of research into the various plans, I recommend the simplest one:  Eat for 10 to 12 hours a day. That means you fast 12-14 hours a day (you may have water). Your body requires a minimum of 12 hours  to clean itself and reset.

Yes, we are self-cleaning organisms.

You don’t need “cleanses.”  You need to help your body obey its natural rhythms and cycles. That said, there are further benefits to longer periods of fasting, especially if you have bigger health challenges or genetic predispositions to disease.



There is really solid evidence that this version of the fasting diet, which lasts for five days, typically a month, but is actually more effective that a water-only fast.

It also MUCH EASIER. The biggest issue I hear with fasting? “There is no way I can do it.”  If you can’t do it, it won’t work for you.

There is good evidence that this form of fasting is also more effective. Watch the video for more info (Video link to come shortly)

Please find the link to Dr Longo’s FMD products and also note that you do not have to use them. I will give you some suggestions below to make the diet at home (it is more difficult, but less expencive)

NOTE: You need to have your MD sign off on your overall health to fast, in any version. That means a good physical and bloodwork. See the What You Should Know about Your Own Health page here.

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