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Smart Info You Need

Genetic Testing (REALLY know yourself)
I highly recommend getting to know your genes–it is the heart of personalized medicine. Knowing your genetic predispositions allows you to understand, and often avoid, their consequences.  Your genetic code does not have to be your future, unless you ignore it. We can use this information to plan for a healthier future.
The company I recommend is 23 and me. They are constantly doing research that moves our knowledge forward and their testing methods have passed rigorous Federal standards, yet they are still affordable.  and do not be dissuaded by their recent partnership with a drug company, making blinded (no names are attached, just the gene reports) genetic information available for research allows new drug development. No one knows which data belongs to which individual (because it doesn’t matter).
What’s Safe?
Check your food, personal care products, sunscreens, and MORE for toxins

Consumer Lab
Unbiased research on vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements.  There has been a lot in the news about supplements, even from big-name manufacturers, not containing what they say on the label.  They may contain less or none of the active ingredient and worse, they often contain fillers that could be toxic.  Before you risk your money and your health, check with Consumer Lab’s research.  There is a small fee (about $2.50 per month) for use.

Worst Pills/ Best Pills
Unbiased research on prescription drugs:  safety, efficacy, interactions, long term effects. Subscription (about 1.00 a month). It is what your Smart RN uses.


Advance Directives
We must all be prepared for the possibility of an accident or sudden illness taking our voice and leaving difficult decisions to loved ones, or the state. How? By having conversations now, thinking it through now, and creating the simple, legal, documents to make your wishes known, if you can’t speak for yourself.

How to Choose a Long-Term Care Facility
This page says dementia care, but the suggestions apply to all care. Many of us will have to choose a facility for a loved one, and you’ll need a guide when that time comes.

Caring Bridge
Free, easy to build, web-based sites anyone can create for themselves or a loved one to help families and friends communicate and keep up to date, even lend a hand, with their sick loved one.



Whether you choose to use us or not it is important to investigate practitioners, hospitals and nursing homes before you use them.  Here are some resources to help you:
Lists doctors by specialty, dentists, and hospitals in your area and allows you to see what insurance they accept as well as patient ratings and read comments.  Considered accurate and unbiased.
Lists doctors and hospitals in your area and allows you to see patient ratings and read comments.  I don’t know their background.
Expansive list which includes nursing homes and care facilities and their most recent state inspection data, as well as patient ratings