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We bill by the hour, but we are not lawyers tracking every minute, we are nurses!

Our services are billed at $100.00 per hour, with a free fifteen-minute initial consultation to see if we are a good fit for your needs.  Our services are currently not covered by insurance.

Travel time, if you need us to make an in-person visit to a hospital room or for wellness checks, is charged at half-rate and only available in LA area at this time.

Refundable retainer required to begin services, to be agreed in advance.

PLEASE NOTE: we do not provide hands-on nursing care–that would be a home-health agency. We provide advanced case management, education, research, referrals, support and consultation.


What are your goals? How can we help you achieve them?



A complete intake: medical and family history, list of your meds, including supplements, and historic and current symptoms. Lab results (always ask for a copy of all tests, you have a right to every result and report).

Everyone has a different goal. What is yours?

For example:
For a person in the advance stages of cancer, it might be to improve quality, and length, of life as much as possible. We would develop a nutritional plan, with the goal of reversing weight loss bolstering the immune system, and schedule an appointment with a top board-certified naturopathic oncologist to formulate a new plan, integrating the latest evidence-based protocols, working with your allopathic oncologist to augment treatment—or a new physician, if you prefer. 

For a person with a chronic illness, like an autoimmune disease, heart disease, or any dementia-related illness, the approach is typically to investigate the diagnosis itself, is it accurate and complete? Recently singer Kris Kristofferson announced he had advanced Alzheimer’s and was retiring, then it was discovered that he never had Alzheimer’s—he had Lyme disease. Once he was treated, his life returned to normal and he is on tour now. At the same time your diagnosis is being researched (which may include new testing), we would initiate an anti-inflammation, gut-healing lifestyle protocol, that is diet-based.  This approach has been shown to work with almost every chronic illness of modern life and we at RN Patient Partners have an anti-inflammation nutrition and lifestyle plan that can be customized for each patient.

Typically we help you build a team of healthcare practitioners, including a doctor, or doctors, which may include the one you currently have, if you choose, or a new one. We are not doctors and we do not diagnose and treat disease, but we give you the data and research to take to them and we work with them on your behalf.

If you feel the need for support during appointments, to ask questions, present research and take notes, a Smart RN can be scheduled to accompany you.



As you age, or your parents, family members, or clients age you/they will need more support.

Working with Your Smart RN that may take the form of random wellness checks on caregivers at home, or care in an assisted living, nursing home, or hospital. It is well-known that people who have visitors in facilities get more attention. If those visits are at random and are coming from an independent healthcare practitioner who can actually identify deficits in care, it is reasonable to assume better care will be given. This is especially important when elders live distant from responsible family.

In a home environment, when an elder may not have the ability to speak-up for themselves, it is especially important that live-in caregivers are monitored randomly. The news is awash in elder abuse stories—both physical/emotional and financial. A watchful eye can be invaluable.

Accompanying you or your elder relative to doctor’s appointments may also be a vital link to improved care.

If you cannot be there for distant family in the LA area, we can.

The same intake services above are recommended for elders, who often experience polypharmacy, accumulating more than a dozen prescriptions a day, while they are eating and moving less. We also recommend an assessment of dementia-related issues. Drugs and lifestyle factors contribute to dementia and can be reversible. There is geriatric progress in integrative medicine as well. For example, great strides are being made with Parkinson’s Disease and cannabis medicine. This is a safe, effective treatment with few side effects that many MDs are not experienced with yet. Your Smart RN is an experienced cannabis nurse and can consult with your MD to see if it may be an appropriate treatment.



Your Smart RN benefits doctors too. By helping patients understand their own health challenges, diagnoses, and treatment, and answering their questions, we can increase compliance and success.  By adding a nutritional component, something in which MDs are rarely trained, results are frequently improved and medications can be decreased. And by researching and consulting with your healthcare team, we can save doctor’s time with fresh perspectives, ideas and research.



Do you need research on local practitioners to determine their history, licensing, safety (malpractice cases and board sanctions), plus information on their communication style, focus of practice, and patient references to help find the best match for you?

Are you buying healthcare goods and services, or considering them, especially via the internet, but wonder if there is any evidence behind it? Are you just being separated from your money, or could you actually be hurt? Let us research it for you.

Perhaps ongoing support—when you need it—to address changes in your plan of care or condition, or communication and negotiations with practitioners, or answer questions as they arise?

We can do all of this and more. Contact us for a free brief consultation now.