Real Breast Cancer Awareness

secrets to prevent breast cancerI was told it was breast cancer awareness week and to play this game by sharing a secret message to put an emoticon on your social media profile. But instead, I’m going to teach you some real breast cancer awareness; how to prevent breast cancer.

#1 (all cancer) Eat a primarily plant-based diet. That is not fake meat made from soy, a source of additional estrogen and often pesticides and herbicides, that is veggies and some fruits.

#2 Meat and dairy should be pasture-raised, organic. Why? Conventional meats/dairy are chock full of growth hormones (which contribute to the growth of cancer) and often antibiotics and other chemicals. Plus they are often raised in filth and torment. You need a LOT less protein than you think you do–think of it as a condiment.

#3 Increase healthy fats. A keto-type diet has many benefits, and we are learning more all the time, but don’t increase fats if you are eating lots of bread, sugar or starches.

#4 Avoid anything that comes in a bag, a box, or a can. Avoid sugar, corn syrup, and the like which contribute to systemic inflammation and cancer. Obviously avoid all those fast food joints. Eat real food. Cooking is not hard.

#5 Plastic is bad for living things and the endocrine distrupters in plastic contribute to cancer (and give you guys man-boobs). Don’t buy water in plastic bottles, just get a decent water filter (under $100) and fill your own glass bottles. And look at your food–do you really want individually-wrapped plastic food (no, the answer is no). And please, never put plastic in the microwave. Never, ever, heat food in plastic.Take your frozen stuff out, put it in a glass container, and heat that.

#6 Reduce or eliminate alcohol. I’m sorry, but the links to hormone-related cancers, like breast cancer, are undeniable. You can get reservatrol (that thing that makes red wine supposedly good for you) in a supplement.  Enjoy a glass of that wine a couple times a week, at most.

#7 The point: food is upstream medicine, you are what you eat, choose not to poison yourself and especially your kids.

#8 Exercise. It doesn’t have to be crazy, just a 30-45 minute walk per day. We human animals need to move.

#9 Stress reduction. Stress will kill you–cancer, heart disease and more are tied to stress. Meditate (there are free apps, yes, there is an app for that), go for long, quiet walks, talk about your feelings, laugh, dance around in your underwear (probably inside).

#10 Be aware of your environment. Don’t spray herbicide on your weeds, or pesticide on your skin and home, and what the hell is in that skin lotion and shampoo? Please stop putting toxins on your skin–it is permeable. It has a million tiny aqueducts straight into your blood stream. Most products you can buy at the drugstore can harm you. If you’re not sure, choose products for babies, at least there are a few safety regulations for their products. Go to for more info

#11 Do Not Smoke. Do not ingest nicotine in any manner. Nicotine to cancer is like gasoline to a fire. I should not have to tell you this, please stop.

The good news is that these tips can not only help prevent breast cancer, but all cancers and the other chronic diseases we suffer from: heart and kidney disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, thyroid disease, auto immune, and the rest.

So share this and set small goals each week to make reasonable lifestyle changes until you do them all!